Effective solutions for increasing crop yields

Our company offers a wide range of fertilizers, including urea, ammonia, phosphate fertilizers, potassium fertilizers, nitrogen-based, and others, produced by the world’s leading manufacturers. We work directly with manufacturing plants, ensuring high quality and competitive prices for our products. All fertilizers undergo strict quality control at every stage of production

Among our suppliers are the world's leading manufacturers of fertilizers, such as Uralchem, Acron, Yara International, EuroChem, Mosaic, Agrium, and others. We are ready to offer our clients the most effective and advanced fertilizers to increase crop yields and improve the quality of agricultural products. Deliveries are available to any port worldwide on CIF/FOB terms.

In addition to the ones mentioned, we offer other types of fertilizers as well. To inquire about availability and prices of the desired fertilizers, please contact our specialists, who are always ready to provide professional consultation and assistance in selecting the most suitable fertilizers for your business.

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